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 Our firm commenced its operations in the packing sector in 1982 in Bayrampasa. 2 facility as one of them is corrugated paper and the other one is packing plant were founded in Gaziosmanpasa and additionally 1 plant producing corrugated paper was founded in Ikitelli in 1989.
We opened our new facility in Kayabası village of Kucukcekmece in 1995, which is our current location and this facility has aggregated the all other plants in its structure.

 Our firm is located at the upper classes of its sector with its experiences based on long years and the knowledge accumulation formed in consequence of these experiences. Our annual production capacity is approximately 12.000 tons. By means of its machinery produced with advanced technology, it can provide service to the all sectors without making distinction between the sectors. Within the scope of corrugated cardboard production, we make production covering the qualities of B (thin), C (bulky), E (Micro), B+C(double-wave) and E+B (Micro double-wave) with our machine has a speed capacity of 120 mt/minute (163 cm width).

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